What would it be like to be you?

I follow a lot of blogs and over time have come to realise that each blog has its own personality and character and I have often wondered what it would be like to live their life and see things through their eyes and their blogs.

Here we go.

I shall begin with Rumpy:  http://rumpydog.com/

Rumpy is one of my oldest blogging friends and a wonderful ambassador, educator and champion for dogs and cats.

You will know from reading his blog that he is a tireless advocate for change and justice.

I have learned so much from Rumpy’s blog and I am always inspired when I read his posts.

Rumpy’s blog runs a regular advice spot called Dear DeDe. This is my tribute:

Dear De

Oh Dog! It’s Sunday, so that means it’s time for another visit with Dear De!

And here I am with some more advice!!!!!

You may know me as the little person’s mom but I am also mom to a very large puppy called Bassa.

If you have a large dog you will know that it’s important that they get lots of exercise.

So what do you do when it’s cold or raining or snowing or you feel tired or your favorite program is on TV?

Easy. Delegate!

Appoint a bad weather walker and you never need get wet or cold or miss a favorite TV program ever again!

Hmm, it looks like rain. Tall person! Tall person! It’s time to take Bassa out!

You may know that the tall person is always taking pictures of me and the interesting things that we find in our neighborhood.

I follow a blog called Laurie Bartolo Photography – Where Dogs are in Focus: http://lauriebartolo.com/

Laurie specializes in spontaneous and candid photos of the dogs she encounters each day.

Laurie’s extraordinary photographs perfectly capture the character of dogs who stand on the porch or sit in the yard or in cars.

Wonderful pictures.

This is my tribute:

Tall Person’s Photography – Where Dogs are (usually) out of Focus.

Laurie recently posted a picture of two dogs in a car:


Inspired by her excellent photograph, tall person took this photo of a little cheeky chappie we saw on our walk yesterday.

Okay, it is a candid and spontaneous shot but note the reflections on the car window that are obscuring the dog and, if you look carefully, you can see the tall person’s reflection!

Hmm, you have a lot to learn about photography tall person!

As you know, I am the only dog in my house and I have often wondered what it would be like to share my home and yard and life with other dogs.

One of my favorite blogs gives me wonderful insights into what life would be like with a houseful of pals that chase each other around the yard, snuggle up together at bedtime and live with a butcher!

Yes, it’s Collies of the Meadow!


Written by Chuck and packed full of great pictures, stories and reminiscences this blog shines with love and warmth.

This is my tribute.

Caucasians of the Meadow

If I were to share my home with other dogs I would like them to be Caucasian Shepherds.

There are a number of them in my neighborhood but there is one in particular that I know that I would have a lot of fun with.

Isn’t he lovely?

I can imagine myself running and playing in the forest with him and walking side by side in the neighborhood and snuggling up at bedtime.

Tall person – I want one!

And if we were Caucasians of the Meadow then tall person would be a butcher like Chuck and he would work here!

Mmm, cow meat!!

Thank you Rumpy, Laurie and Chuck for letting me be you – if only for a little while.