I think, therefore I yam!

Did you know that potatoes can run? Neither did I but I saw it when I witnessed a break out today!

We were at the shops and De was selecting potatoes when suddenly they broke out of the bag and made a run for it.

I caught one and the tall person quickly caught the others.

We were lucky that potatoes can’t run very fast, probably because they don’t have legs but the tall person told me they do have eyes – so they can see where they are going.

Tall person said that potatoes are clever. He told me that a famous sweet potato once said – “I think, therefore I yam”


21 thoughts on “I think, therefore I yam!

  1. Yes potatoes have quite lots of eyes, Bassa! We love potatoes! In our family we often eat potetoes and it reminds my mom being at homestay in London! 🙂

  2. Sweet Bassa I was reading along enjoying your blog that I have not been able to visit in so long when I almost choked. I was eating a piece of toast and had just taken a bite when I read that those potatoes made a run for it. I laughed so hard the toast didn’t know which way to go….I am okay though and didn’t choke. We just love your blog! Glad you and the tall person were able to round up all those potatoes. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Mumsy, you should be very careful when reading blogs – they should carry a health warning 🙂 I am relieved that you are okay and very pleased that you enjoyed the post 🙂 Big hugs x

  3. We love your humor Bassa! Glad you stopped those runaway potatoes. The eyes comment made us laugh and the Yam comment had us roaring…. too cute. We love our daily adventures with you Bassa! Its always fun!

    Your friends,
    the laughing collies and chuck 🙂

  4. Thanks for telling me that potatoes have eyes. I’ll have to watch what I’m doing if my person leaves some on the counter. Or eat them, so they can’t tell on me.

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