News from the BBC

Good morning/afternoon/evening/night. Thank you for tuning into the BBC News (Bassa’s Blogging Channel).

This is your good news correspondent, Bassa, reporting from Tbilisi in the Republic of Georgia.

Our top story is from one of my favorite blogs, Dog House Forever.

This wonderful post will strike a chord with everyone who shares their home and their life with a dog.

Brilliantly written, you will find yourself nodding in agreement as you read each hilarious line!

That’s all folks. Remember, good news makes you feel good. Be part of Bassa’s good news!

8 thoughts on “News from the BBC

  1. Wonderful! I totally agree almost all of them and especially love the one
    “I wouldn’t have met some of the kindest selfless people I have ever known. ”
    That’s very true!!! 🙂
    Thanks for let us know this beautiful blog post, Bassa! 🙂

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