How did you find bassa’s blog?

WordPress provides some very interesting information and statistics about your blog. These are some of the search terms that people have used to find Bassa’s Blog in the last 7 days. I have added comments and/or my interpretation:

Caucasian shepherd teeth – Hmm, perhaps a dentist or the tooth fairy?

The thing dog 2011 – I am not a thing, I am a person dog

Tbilisi goats – probably one of my goat fans!

Lion shepherd – Someone on a game reserve in Africa looking for a very specialised shepherd dog? Sounds like a dangerous job – I probably won’t apply for that one.

Shota boy shorts – Shota is a Georgian boys name. Perhaps I should design a range of childrens clothes – there is obviously a commercial opportunity here.

Sell tree leaves – a little obscure but I did do a post on the lady who sells leaves.

I want to send a message to extraterrestrials – This was quite worrying!

Shrunken people pretending to be toys – maybe this refers to my little person but he is not shrunken, he is just little and growing.

Facebook dog he is drooling on me – OMG! Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot is googling from heaven!

Nude blog – I expect this person was quite disappointed to be directed to Bassa’s Blog!

Bassas blog – Well done!

Aren’t search engines wonderful things?

18 thoughts on “How did you find bassa’s blog?

  1. That’s hysterical… I’m glad to see Crazy Parrot is still letting his presence be felt! Our search terms are mostly boring, though we did have ‘bar bum corkscrew’ once… I have NO idea why that was directed to us. I suspect it was a typo and should’ve been ‘bare bum corkscrew’… not that that makes it any better.

  2. ROFL!!! Bassa, I think that the person who serched the term “Nude blog” might be quite impressed to see this gorgeous beautiful and charming dog like you!!!! 🙂
    P.S. ” Shota” sounds typical Japanese boy’s name, too!

  3. Your very smart to find those things. I have no idea how you did it and wouldn’t be able to find it on my own blog! LOL

    Although once I did a post and used the word bush… cannot imagine the porn spam I got. I had to take the post down.

  4. Bassa that is a great picture of you. I found you from Twitter, I followed Bassa an unusual name and recognized the as WordPress Blog. I read your and was hooked. Most of mine have been referrals lately but have had a few strange ones I couldn’t understand. Usually the word Newfoundland is in the search which bring up us. Yours gave us a good laugh today, thank you 🙂

  5. Thanks for all the laughs on your searches. My person loves to look at mine too. One comment on yours. I’m not sure how they found you with “the thing dog” because you would probably more easily pass for Cousin It.

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