Every elephant needs a job!

Despite the availability of modern, synthetic brushes the traditional handmade brush has retained its popularity here in the Republic of Georgia, so much so that virtually every household has at least one and usually more. 

We have several, some for indoors and some for the yard. When they wear out I re-cycle them!

You can buy them everywhere but you don’t have to leave your home to do so because the ladies who sell brushes come to your door!

Tall person took this picture of brushes outside a shop when we were on a walk. You will notice that they are tied up.

Brushes are very popular with dogs here because they are great to chew but dogs don’t have money so this shop owner has tied the brushes to an albino elephant’s trunk to stop dogs running off with them.

Hmm, I suppose every elephant needs a job.

De bought two brushes several days ago. They cost 3 lari each (equivalent to $1.79).

The tall person said that it was good that De bought two because she will be able to sweep twice as fast but De said no, they now have one brush each!

De is very smart!

16 thoughts on “Every elephant needs a job!

  1. I agree that De is very smart and it sounds like tall person is sneaky like most tall people are that try not to own brushes so that they do not have to do the brush work…. LOL… the white elephants are very happy to have good work in this down economy too! – DogDaz

  2. Wow! Those brushes are very reasonable! Besides they look really practucal!!! 🙂 By the way I’m interested in the products(food?) hanging at the next shop…. They are….what? Look like some dried fruits…??? Woof?

  3. LOL!
    The Collies are lined up and bowing to the wisdom of De! Way to go De. Of course the tall person is probably not real pleased.. LOL…. You sure have a lot of elephants there!

    Your friends,
    The Collies and Chuck

    P.S. The Collies are chanting, DE! DE! DE! 🙂

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