One thing that gives me huge pleasure!

One thing that gives me huge pleasure (aside from walks, eating, playing and napping!) is hearing that blogs I love to read have been given awards by fellow bloggers.

My good friends at Dogdaz blog were recently awarded the One Lovely Blog Award.

Congratulations DogDaz – you have a very lovely blog!

I was thrilled to read that they have kindly passed it on to Bassa’s Blog.

Thank you Louise (aka Lulu Belle), Sofie Bear and the house cats (The Muffin Man and Constance Kitty).

I found out this morning that poor Lulu has an ear infection – get well soon Lulu!

This is the link to the award post and I am sure you will recognize some, if not all, of the other recipients.

Please do drop by and say hi!

Congratulations to you all!

Cats & Co also received the One Lovely Blog Award.

This blog is the place to go to find out anything and everything about cats!

I have learned so many cat facts from Dianda’s posts.

Dianda very kindly passed on the award to Bassa’s Blog. Thank you Dianda!

This is the link to the award post. Congatulations to you all!

Milka [The Great{est} Dane] was also awarded the One Lovely Blog Award. Milka is huge and has a huge heart to match! Oh, I almost forgot to mention – huge style too!

Aside from seeing wonderful pictures of Milka you can also read fascinating Portuguese legends 

Thank you passing the award to Bassa’s Blog!

Congratulations to all the recipients.

Great Dane Info announced its One Lovely Blog Award yesterday so this mention is hot off the press! Our blogs only met up this week so we were especially delighted to read that Great Dane Info had passed the award to Bassa’s Blog.

Finn, a black Great Dane, and Kai, a blue Great Dane live in North Wales in the United Kingdom. Their blog has stunning pictures of them at play in their beautiful surroundings.

Congatulations Great Dane Info and to all the recipients.

The rules of this award are that you should share 7 facts about yourself and then pass the award on to 5 other blogs. I talked this over with the tall person and we decided that we will do a separate post to share the 7 facts. In the meantime, we are passing the One Lovely Blog Award to the following 5 blogger friends:

Louie the Husky

This blog follows the antics of Louie, a hyper husky living in a tropical world!
Louie has not been blogging for very long and has not posted since January.
I hope this award lets him know that we think his blog is great and we miss him and he should post more often!
Please drop by and say hi!
Tylersat99’s Blog

This blog is about the wonderful walks of two adorable dogs, Mica and Lexie. 

Beautiful photographs!

If you can’t go out for any reason click on this blog and go on a wonderful virtual walk with Mica and Lexie.

I do!

Scottishdogs Blog

This very lovely blog is written by Hector, a Scottish Terrier. 

He is one cute guy and his blog is full of wonderful pictures of this cheeky chappie and his friends!

Congratulations Hector – you fully deserve this award.

Please visit Hector’s blog and say, Madinn mhath – Hello, how are you? (in Scottish Gaelic).

ada.mae.compton blog

This blog is about Ada The Dog. Ada is a three-legged rescue dog that makes connections between critical citizenship, the literacy of power, and symbolic interactionism! 

Ada is an acronym of Americans with Disabilities Act.

Ada’s blog is an eclectic mix of posts and superb photo essays. I love it!

Congratulations Ada!

Cupcake Speaks Blog

Cupcake is a rescue dog whose mom writes children’s stories. She has written a book called ‘Keep Your Ear on the Ball’.

Cupcake is so cute and I love the photos.

Cupcake is the perfect recipient for a One Lovely Blog Award!

Congratulations to all the recipients of the One Lovely Blog Award!

I think I will have a nap now………

13 thoughts on “One thing that gives me huge pleasure!

  1. Thank you for speaking so kindly of us Bassa, you deserve many awards. Also, it was nice to meet some of your recipients who I did not know before. Keep up the lovely blogging. – DogDaz

  2. Bassa you have such an interesting, fun and informative blog. I love reading it, seeing your adventures and learning about your country and your family. Thank you so very much for nominating our blog for this beautiful award. We really enjoy sharing our walks and are very happy that you and others enjoy them also. Thank you 🙂

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