Scenes from the frozen ‘hood

Although we have been able to get out there are still a number of areas that are too treacherous to walk through. The steps that connect the different levels of my neighborhood are still thick with ice and too dangerous to use.

 The main roads are clear of snow and ice but many of the side roads and alleys are still covered.

We walked down to the shopping mall and saw that the lady who sells little things is still selling little things, despite the cold.

On the way back we saw a house that is held up by sticks! We had not noticed it before and tall person thinks that the bad weather has caused the large crack in the wall and the owner has put sticks up to stop his house falling down.

We also saw these strange twisted icicles. The tall person said that the sidewalk below them looks like a frozen arctic sea.

Anyway, we came back home and I had a little nap. Tall person said it was nice to be back in the warm again – hmm, you really must toughen up tall person!

19 thoughts on “Scenes from the frozen ‘hood

  1. Seriously?! Shopping mall?!! I went to the shopping mall once for a TheraPet event, and here in NJ, shopping malls are slightly different. Be careful out there, Bassa. Make sure your Tall Person walks slowly and holds onto something.

    Love and licks,

    • The lady who sells little things is not the shopping mall 🙂 The mall is a little further down the road. Tall person does walk slowly in this weather and holds on to me! 🙂

  2. That is a lot of ice! Don’t people shovel the snow off the walks and set stuff down to melt the ice?

    As for the house with the sticks, I’m not sure those two sticks will hold that house up!

  3. Great pictures Bassa!
    Wow, those steps look dangerous! Be careful and we hope it thaws out soon!
    Beautiful icicles! The old guy is wondering if the frezing and thawing and then refreezing of the ground made the ground heave and moved the foundation on the house? That is scary and wonder how it is to heat with that much space open in the walls? Yikes!

    Great Post!

    Your friends,
    The Collies and Chuck 🙂

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