The big thaw

The snow and ice that had completely blanketed my neighborhood is thawing fast. I like snow but it has interrupted my daily walks. The roads and sidewalks have been very slippery and as the tall person lacks sufficient padding on his bottom to cushion a fall we have stayed at home for the last few days.

Anyway, the sun was shining this morning and by midday had transformed the ice and snow into countless glittering drips and rivulets.

The tall person confirmed that his minimalist bottom would be safe so we set off into our melting neighborhood.

We saw a lady who sells brushes. She was standing very still. In fact, so still that I feared that she had been out in the snow for several days and had frozen to the spot. Tall person was as intrigued as I was but assured me that the warm sunshine will revive her and she would soon be able to re-open her mobile brush shop.

I hope so. People will need new brushes to clear away the slushy snow.