Ladies – are you sitting comfortably?

The tall person noticed that I have adopted a new way of sitting and asked me what had prompted me to do this.

I think it is nice when he notices new things about me.

Anyway, as the tall person brought up the subject I shall share Bassa’s Tips for Ladies on the Proper Way to Sit.

I have noticed that many ladies cross their legs at the knee when they sit. This might display their lovely long legs to their best advantage but crossing one’s legs at the knees can cut off circulation and over time can result in spider veins.

Spider veins? Yes. “Spider veins” are red or blue short jagged lines that look like tree branches or spider webs. The tall person told me that veins have valves that prevent blood from flowing backwards as it moves up the legs. If this valve is weakened due to lack of circulation the blood collects back in the vein and results in “spider veins”.

Unless you are a spider you probably won’t want “spider veins”. So how can we ladies avoid spider legs?

Simple. Don’t cross your legs at the knees, cross them at the ankle.

Tall person took a picture of me demonstrating the correct technique.