Goodbye Chichilaki

It is traditional to burn the Georgian New Year tree (Chichilaki) after the New Year festivities have ended.

Whilst the Chichilaki is displayed in the house it takes away all worries and problems.

The tall person told me that when it is burned all the worries that it has collected will disappear for good.

I must admit I don’t have any worries so it must have done its job.

This afternoon, we all gathered in the yard to say goodbye to our Chichilaki.

We then had a lovely barbecue!

20 thoughts on “Goodbye Chichilaki

  1. Very interesting tradition, Bassa! I wonder how you get the New Year tree(Chichilaki)? I mean people buy it at the shop ro they make it by themselves? Woof?

  2. Very interesting info about your traditions. It’s fun to know these things. Looks like it works because neither of you look a bit worried about anything. And seeing the pork on the BBQ gave me some great ideas to pass on to the peeps for supper! Thank-you very much.

  3. Such a pretty thing to burn, but it would be good to get rid of the collected problems& worries. The BBQ would also make it worth starting the fire. You have some nice traditions Basa, I really enjoy learning abt them. 🙂

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