Too dangerous for his lightly padded bottom!

Everything was white again when I woke up this morning.

Much of the snow had retreated in yesterday’s sallow sunshine but it snowed heavily again during the night and reclaimed the roofs and branches and roads and cars and my yard and everyone’s yards and the sagging wires of telegraph poles.

I sat in the yard watching the snow fall whilst the tall person underwent intensive coffee therapy.

Everything was white and quiet……..until the little person woke up and then it became white and noisy. The tall person smiled and called it ‘white noise’.

The school bus could not drive up our street today – the snow was too thick – so the tall person walked with the little person to the main road to meet it.

When the tall person returned we set off into our snow drenched neighborhood.

It was difficult to know where the sidewalk stopped and the road started.

We walked slowly. Everything was slow.

Snow slows people and cars.

We saw someone fall over, in slow motion. A few minutes later the tall person slipped. He was lucky that the snow was thick because he does not have much of a bottom to cushion a fall!

After he picked himself up we decided it was too dangerous for his lightly padded bottom to continue.

I didn’t mind. I didn’t want the tall person to hurt himself.

One of the problems of living on a mountain is that all the streets and sidewalks are uphill and downhill, there are few level stretches. Consequently, my mountain is very slippery in winter and potentially dangerous for people with minimalist bottoms.

On the way back we encountered the little devil dog and his friend. They looked at me but must have decided that it was too cold to bark and growl and just watched as I passed through ‘their’ territory.

16 thoughts on “Too dangerous for his lightly padded bottom!

  1. Wow Bassa!
    Sure are pretty pictures and yes that snow is slippery! We had to laugh at the comment minimalist bottom…. heheheh Glad the tall person didnt get hurt!
    Great post!
    Your friends,
    The Collies and Chuck 🙂

  2. Ouch! I hope Tall Person isn’t badly bruised. Ya know what’s really odd? Here where I live if the bus couldn’t reach the side streets, school would have been cancelled.

  3. Bassa, you are so kind to let the tall person go back inside. I would have made my person stay out and play in the snow with me. Could you send some of that snow over here?

  4. Brrrr….Bassa, it must be very cold there! Brrrr… I wonder if the little devil dog and his friend have somewhere to warm them up, or they’ll be freezing!!! What’s the highest temperature there ? Woof?

  5. I’m usually fine if I land on my bottom, it seems to be padded enough! Last time it was slippery I slid and fell on my side (hip and shoulder). I was fine but sore for a few weeks!!

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