Too dangerous for his lightly padded bottom!

Everything was white again when I woke up this morning.

Much of the snow had retreated in yesterday’s sallow sunshine but it snowed heavily again during the night and reclaimed the roofs and branches and roads and cars and my yard and everyone’s yards and the sagging wires of telegraph poles.

I sat in the yard watching the snow fall whilst the tall person underwent intensive coffee therapy.

Everything was white and quiet……..until the little person woke up and then it became white and noisy. The tall person smiled and called it ‘white noise’.

The school bus could not drive up our street today – the snow was too thick – so the tall person walked with the little person to the main road to meet it.

When the tall person returned we set off into our snow drenched neighborhood.

It was difficult to know where the sidewalk stopped and the road started.

We walked slowly. Everything was slow.

Snow slows people and cars.

We saw someone fall over, in slow motion. A few minutes later the tall person slipped. He was lucky that the snow was thick because he does not have much of a bottom to cushion a fall!

After he picked himself up we decided it was too dangerous for his lightly padded bottom to continue.

I didn’t mind. I didn’t want the tall person to hurt himself.

One of the problems of living on a mountain is that all the streets and sidewalks are uphill and downhill, there are few level stretches. Consequently, my mountain is very slippery in winter and potentially dangerous for people with minimalist bottoms.

On the way back we encountered the little devil dog and his friend. They looked at me but must have decided that it was too cold to bark and growl and just watched as I passed through ‘their’ territory.

A family celebration!

The tall person told me that one of the best things about going away is coming home again and catching up with all the news. I couldn’t agree more!

We have spent the last couple of days catching up with all the news posted by our blogging friends. Some of it was happy news (Bongo’s Gotcha Day) and some of it was scary news (Chuck from Collies of the Meadow had a car crash) and some of it was very sad news (one of Chuck’s collies – Trevor – has had a stroke).

Being part of a blogging community means that we are part of an extended family that shares the ups and downs and happy times and sad times.

We also have occasions where we show how much we value and celebrate the creativity and uniqueness of other blogs and it is always a great pleasure to hear that the blogs that we follow and love to read are acknowledged by others that read them.

My good friends at Misty Shores Chesapeakes blog were recently awarded the One Lovely Blog Award. Isn’t it wonderful!

I was thrilled to read that they have kindly passed it on to Bassa’s Blog.

Thank you Cheyenne, Maia, Riva, the Boys and Titan!

This is the link to their award post.

I am sure you will recognize some of the other recipients. Congratulations to you all!

My friend Sarah at Sezpets was recently awarded the Versatile Blogger Award (by Bassa’s Blog) and in her post acknowledging the award she included me in the list of blogs she was passing the award on to!

Sarah said that she was not sure if she was allowed to nominate the person who nominated her… but she was doing it anyway! I’m not sure either but it was a lovely gesture. Thank you Sarah at Sezpets!

This is the link to the award post.

For the Love of my Dogs blog also received the Versatile Blogger Award earlier this year. I was particularly thrilled to hear this because it is an amazing blog. It has everything! Please do visit if you have not already done so. The Dog Treats Interviews are fantastic – several of my friends have been interviewed, including Bongo from BongosDogBlog and Cupcake Petrillo.

For the Love of My Dogs passed on the award to many of my blogging friends and to me! Thank you!!

This is the link to the award post.

My wonderful feline friend, Jimmiechew, was awarded the Liebster Blog Award.

I love Jimmiechew’s blog – the photographs and stories about his daily antics always make me laugh.

Jimmiechew very kindly included Bassa’s Blog in his list of blogs that he passed the award on to. Thank you Jimmiechew!

This is the link to the award post.

At the end of last year Bassa’s Blog awarded the Kreativ Blogger Award to Cupcake at Cupcake Petrillo’s Blog.

Lovely Cupcake was kind enough to re-award it to Bassa’s Blog!

Cupcake is a rescue dog whose mom writes children’s stories. She has written a book called ‘Keep Your Ear on the Ball’.

This is the link to the award post.

Congratulations to all recipients of these awards! I will now sit with the tall person and draft a post to pass on these wonderful awards.