Visitors with 6 legs are not welcome!

I like it when we have visitors but there are some that are not welcome.

I don’t like flies!

This fly tried to phone his fly friends for help but I got him before reinforcements could arrive!

10 thoughts on “Visitors with 6 legs are not welcome!

  1. I don’t like flies, either. Or spiders or any other crawling things. I chase and pounce and then I’m not sure what to do but my other person usually gets rid of them.

  2. We don’t like flies either they are buzzing everywhere in the spring and summer being a real nuisance and getting all over the food. We really hate the huge horse flies we sometimes get, they are very big and bite us and Mom very hard:(

  3. Good Job Bassa! Flies are nasty for they land in the most horrible things and then want to land on our food and us to share that yuck.. Keep up the great job Bassa!

    Your friends,
    The Collies and Chuck 🙂

  4. Bassa, you are so brave lady!!! I don’t like flies…actually I can’t stay there if a fly is there!!! Always run away and hide somewhere immediately, so mom or the other family member have to catch it for me. BOL! 🙂

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