Live and unleashed – the dogs of my neighborhood

I meet many dogs on my walks – some are street dogs, others have homes but are allowed to roam the neighborhood. I see very few dogs on leashes.

20 thoughts on “Live and unleashed – the dogs of my neighborhood

  1. I enjoyed seeing these photos of the dogs in your area. I wish they could all have wonderful lives like the one you enjoy with Tall Person. But just like the dogs near me, not all dogs are so fortunate. I pray for them every day.

  2. I always have to be on my leash or in a fenced yard or park. My person tells me she is afraid I would chase a squirrel or a cat into the street and get hit by a car. That sounds like a horrible outcome, so I will trust her judgment.

  3. My mom thinks its not safe for me or Pearle, the-pug-like-Griff, to be off leashes. Most of us griffs have a hearing problem- our ears quit working when our eyes and noses start. But she lets me run in the big hundred-hundred acre fields. My Rottweiler friend, Atticus, keeps me safe when we go out there.
    I like it that you have so much fun on your walks and share it with us. Thanks, Bassa!

  4. Hi Bassa! Lots of beautiful dogs there! Of course the prettiest one is you!!! One thing that I am deathly afraid of is a collie ever getting out and getting hit by a car. So, we have double fences so they have no access out of their yard and if they go out the front door they are always on a leash. It is for their safety….. Great post and I like that the Tall Person keeps you on the leash… we want you around forever!

    God Bless You!

    The Collies and Chuck 🙂

  5. The only time my people ever let me off my leash was when I got to go swimming. They tried once when we went camping but I took off down the road and I had to stay tied up the rest of that camping trip. On my trails about half the dogs are off leash but they’re with their people. On my streets the only dog I see off leash is Ghost Dog.

  6. When we were in Bali, we saw lots of dogs (both with homes and without) roaming off-leash. They’ve learnt to be so street-smart that they know how to watch for traffic before crossing the road! The dogs that you saw on your walk look like they, too, have learnt to adapt to life on the streets.

  7. Bassa – Do people not mind that there are so many dogs that are not on leashes? I think you are very lucky to have a family that cares enough to keep you safe. – DogDAz

  8. I’m always on leash except at my house. I’ve been bitten by a BIG borzoi who were off leash when I was puppy. My grandpa kicked him away because his owner didn’t do anything!!! I ended up going to the vet. The owner said that the dog was usually very calm and didn’t know what made him bite me! Because of this terrible experience, my family prefer that any dogs should be on leash at least on the street.

  9. Bassa, my students have a discussion every year about whether it is better to be completely free, but always in danger, or completely taken care of. They usually agree on the happy medium, which you and Wonderbutt are lucky to have – freedom with some restriction to keep everyone safe!

  10. Sweet Bassa we are happy that you wear your collar and leash on your walks so you are safe. We hope all those unleashed doggies stay safe. That doggie in the 5th picture is sure enjoying that neck scratching…look at the happiness on his face. Hugs and nose kisses

  11. Great pictures Bassa, I hope these loose dogs are friendly and not mean. We are not allowed to have dogs roaming off leash. we can be off in our woods walks or at the local dog park. You are lucky to have such a loving home.

  12. In my village in Spain, it is the same – dogs off leash, stray dogs, street dogs, and a few on leads. Actually a few more though, although at one point I was the only dog who ever seemed to be on the lead. Anyways, so I totally know what you are barking about.

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