First aid for trees (part 2)

The tall person has suggested that I may have misled you in my post about first aid for trees. In my defence, I did think it was a tree.

To avoid further misunderstandings, the tall person has said that I must look up as well as ahead when I am walking. Otherwise I will not see the whole picture.


11 thoughts on “First aid for trees (part 2)

  1. Hi!
    LOL! Cute! Trevor thinks it needs watering.. of course he waters everything when we go for a walk… 🙂
    I have to admit, I did laugh hard when I saw the whole picture… I hve lots of questions about that pole and why… LOL

    God Bless You!

    The Collies and Chuck 🙂

  2. This is the difference between being a TALL person and a 4-legger. The tall person has an advantage. I am extremely vertically challenged, so anything about 12 inches high is out of my range of understanding completely!

    Love and licks,

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