Do you eat cheese in the bath?

You may recall from previous posts that the ladies who sell things often use sophisticated subliminal sales techniques. A prime example of this is the use of lemons to attract customers.

I have now noticed that some of the ladies who sell things are developing more specialized markets that cater for very particular tastes and needs.

On my walk today I saw a shop that sells cheese and bath sponges.

Hmm, I have seen adverts on TV showing ladies eating chocolate in the bath but never realized until now that cheese has a similar allure.

I can only conclude that a sizeable number of people in Tbilisi like to eat cheese in the bath whilst scrubbing their backs with a loofah.

30 thoughts on “Do you eat cheese in the bath?

  1. Interesting the cross merchandising ideas they have!!! 🙂 Cheese with wine would be great in the bath. We love seeing what life is like where you live. It is fascinating. Great post. Let me ask, what do you eat in the bath Bassa? The Collies usually will get a nice bacon bit treat while in there. it makes the bath a whole lot happier for them…

    God Bless You Bassa!

    The Collies and Chuck 🙂

  2. No, we don’t like when our mom gives us baths. We aren’t even in the mood to eat while we’re getting clean. However, after the bath, cheese is our favorite treat! x Berner Girls

  3. We have never eaten cheese in the bath. Hum…that seems like a strange thing to do. Come to think of it we have never eaten anything while bathing. Sweet Bassa you can sure come upon some mighty interesting things. Hugs and nose kisses

  4. 😀 😀 😀 Well spotted, Bassa…You know, I’ll tell you a secret: George loves cheese so much that he’d eat it anywhere, bath including…It’s the bath part that he doesn’t like 😉

  5. I’m a lunatic for cheese, ANYWHERE. I am confused by something, Bassa. When surrounded by all that cheese how did you have room in your mind for any other thought than how you would get it all home once your person bought it all for you?

  6. That is an interesting combination, don’t think I would have put those 2 together. I love cheese and would eat it almost anytime but don’t think I would eat it in the bath. Great picture!

  7. Not sure if I would like cheese while taking a bath. A hot bath, yes. Melting cheese while in said hot bath? Not so much. Amazing what combinations people come up with to try and pull their customers into their shops. : )

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