The lady who sells leaves

All the trees in my neighborhood have lost their leaves. I asked the tall person why this has happened and he told me that trees need leaves to catch the sunlight and grow. In winter the trees go to sleep and stop growing so they don’t need their leaves.

Hmm, I have an alternative and much more believable explanation.

On my walk through the neighborhood today I saw a lady carrying a large bag of green leaves. I could see them poking out of the top of the bag.

I asked De what she was doing and she told me that the lady sells leaves.

Ah, now I understand. The lady climbs trees and takes all of the leaves. She must be a very good climber because some of the trees in my neighborhood are very tall.

Perhaps people buy the green leaves because they want to be reminded of summer.

Anyway, the lady who sells leaves has been very thorough because there aren’t any leaves left on the trees in my neighborhood.

P.S. I hope the trees don’t get cold without their leaves.

34 thoughts on “The lady who sells leaves

  1. i find this interesting, it would seem that people where you live are very advantageous in there money making ideas. I wonder what a leaf goes for in American dollars?

  2. I wonder why she sells leaves? I mean what for people buy leaves?
    Truly because they want to be reminded of summer?
    Very interesting. De might know why, Bassa! 🙂

  3. Wow, Bassa, you’ve made a really great scientific discovery. It was always thought that light, or actually, the lack thereof (like your tall person mistakenly believes), causes the leaves to fall to the ground. Bagging and selling those leaves is a perfectly logical and realistic explanation. Maybe you should consider nominating yourself for a Nobel prize! I’ll vote for you!

  4. Good observation, Bassa, but I would be suspicious. Why is she selling the leaves? What could she have to gain from it? This could be a plot, so be careful. Let me know if you need my help in figuring this out.

  5. We have never heard of anyone selling leaves sweet Bassa. Around here there are so many people rake them, burn them turn them into compost or mulch them. We could make lots of money in the fall every year if people would buy our leaves. Hugs and nose kisses

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