Wordless Wednesday (part 2)

Apologies for my last post. It seems that I had completely misunderstood the whole concept of ‘Wordless Wednesday’.

The tall person has helpfully pointed out that ‘Wordless Wednesday’ is a picture post accompanied by a brief caption.

Hmm, to avoid confusion I think it would be better to call it ‘Picture (with a few words) Wednesday’.

Anyway, here is my picture for ‘Picture (with a few words) Wednesday’.

You may remember that I like balconies and have posted pictures of balconies that I like. This is a picture of a balcony I don’t like. It looks dangerous.

The lady who shines things

Have you ever picked up an apple and admired its glossy shine and wondered how it acquired its beautiful waxy sheen? I know I have.

I asked the tall person about this and he said that apples are not naturally shiny so they must undergo some type of process after they are picked.

I parked the thought in the back of mind and yesterday I stumbled upon the answer.

At first I thought that the lady in the picture was one of the ladies who sell things but in fact she is a lady who shines things.

I watched her for a while and noticed that she took apples from one bucket and lovingly polished each one before placing them carefully in another bucket.

By chance I had discovered the secret of shiny apples.

So the next time you pick up a beautiful glossy apple in the supermarket there will be no need for you to ponder on how it acquired its waxy sheen – you will know that it has been hand polished by the lady who shines things.