Shooting fish in a barrel

On our walk today we saw a lady who sells little fish. Her shop is in a cave near the sidewalk.

The tall person said that seeing all those little fish packed tightly together reminded him of the saying, ‘shooting fish in a barrel’, which is an idiom describing an effortless or simple action that is guaranteed to succeed.

He said that the US TV show Mythbusters had tested and proved the accuracy of the idiom. If the fish does not die from the shot, it is quite likely to die from the shockwave.

Hmm, I think a Georgian Mythbusters team got here before us and performed their own test because I couldn’t see any of the fish moving.

Inspired by this important experiment I decided to share my own, additional, findings.

Memo to fish – ‘Safety in numbers’ is the hypothesis that, by being part of a large physical group or mass, an individual is proportionally less likely to be the victim of a mishap, accident, attack, or other bad event. Forget this – it does not apply to fish (especially those in a barrel).

P.S. I have no idea where to send this important memo.

15 thoughts on “Shooting fish in a barrel

  1. Rumpy is right, you need to get that info to the fish that haven’t been caught. And in the instance of the fish net, there is no safety in numbers. 🙂

  2. You are right Bassa! For small fish there is no safety in numbers all. Easier to catch actually! LOL…..Perhaps the Tall Person could write the memo and drop it in the lake for you?

    Thank you for another insight to life in Georgia and for sharing your wisdom!

    God Bless You!

    The Collies and Chuck 🙂

  3. My younger person likes to watch Mythbusters. I’d better warn him it’s not safe to be on that show – or at least not with all his friends.

  4. Both me and mom didn’t know the idioms ‘shooting fish in a barrel’ and ‘ Safety in numbers’, *blush* so this post was great help for us to learn!!! Thanks Bassa! Those little fish were from Black sea? People in Georgia have fish a lot as meals? Do you? Bassa? I love fish as well as meats!!! Woof! 🙂

  5. With as many fish in a barrel as there are in those buckets how could any survive…there are so many fish in there it looks like the buckets have aluminum foil on the top. We think sweet Bassa by you putting your memo to fish here on WP that could reach some fish so you have done a good job trying to save the fish. Hugs and nose kisses

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