New Year greetings from the little people of Georgia

The little person’s class at school performed a New Year play today.

The theme of the play was ‘How Georgians Celebrate New Year.’

The little people dressed in traditional costume.

My little person wore the traditional male tunic called the chokha.

The chokha is usually magenta or white and has cartridge pouches on the chest.

He also wore traditional tall leather boots and a belt holding a long, embossed dagger, called a khanjali.

The girls wore kartuli kaba, the traditional female costume.

They all acted out the tradition of giving gifts and sang Georgian songs.

The tall person and De said it was very lovely.

Happy New Year from the little people of Georgia!

30 thoughts on “New Year greetings from the little people of Georgia

  1. Wow Bassa, it is soooo great to see those traditional costumes!!! They are beautiful! I think that it is good and important to maintain these traditional costumes in some ways! We can see your culture through the costumes a bit.
    Your little person ( who is the right-end, white costume, is he?) looks so gorgeous and the other little people, too!!! Thanks for lovely photos, Bassa! 🙂

    • Yes Kevin, little person is dressed in white on the right. I am pleased you like the pictures. Tall person says that Japan has wonderful traditions and culture and beautiful kimonos.

  2. Thank you Bassa for posting this! How interesting seeing traditional clothes. We learn so much from your blog and Georgia sure has some beautiful traditions! Keep up the great posts and thank you so much for your kind words about Ellie!

    God Bless You and your family!

    Chuck and the Collies, especially Ellie! 🙂

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