I’ve just eaten bones!

Don’t be alarmed, I haven’t eaten my friend and fellow blogger Bones from Bones Diary.

Hmm, I can tell you are a little suspicious.

If you are still unsure you can click on the link and you will see that Bones is alive and kicking and dreaming about his first Christmas:


No, the bones I’m referring to are the ones that the tall person brought back from the supermarket today.

You may remember that the tall person has an arrangement with the butcher who saves the biggest and best bones for me.

I love my butcher and I love my bones and I also love my blogging friend, Bones. Mmm, what a delicious name……….Bones!

18 thoughts on “I’ve just eaten bones!

  1. Whhhhooooooaaaaaaa, I’m sure I don’t taste that good and anyway I’d be little more than a snack. If you are hungry try chomping down on the evil cat Raffles – please?
    I love you too Bassa, you’re a top dog!

  2. It sounds very exciting for Bones to have his very first Christmas this year!
    I’m curious what he’ll get for Christmas??? 🙂

  3. The bones are very yummy and help keep your teeth clean. Sampson and Delilah get chicken necks for breakfast every morning. 🙂 They LOVE them and their teeth are nice and clean.

  4. That bone looks yummy sweet Bassa. We can tell you really enjoyed munching on it too. We are happy it did not involve our friend Bones any. lol Hugs and nose kisses

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