Brushes but no lemons?

My neighborhood is well served by travelling salesmen and women. Their main product appears to be brushes, which might explain why the streets in my neighborhood are so clean.

So far I have not seen a lady who sells brushes and lemons so it would appear that brushes sell well without the need for additional enticement. 

You may remember that I discovered that lemons are irresistible to Georgians and are often used by ladies who sell things to lure customers to their mobile shops. 

On our walk through our neighborhood today we saw a lady who sells brushes. In fact, she had just made a sale and was waiting for the lady of the house to return with money.

The average price for one of these traditional handmade brushes is 4-5 Lari, which is about two and a half US dollars.

The tall person likes the handmade brushes and we have a number of them in our house. I like chewing them so we tend to buy them frequently!

I am beginning to think that the ladies who sell brushes spray them with something that is irresistable to dogs so that they are chewed and have to be replaced often, increasing their sales and profit.

I have huge respect for the ladies who sell things. I think they are very clever businesswomen.

20 thoughts on “Brushes but no lemons?

  1. Maybe the ladies have discovered a secret equivalent to catnip for dogs! Do you have a close up photo of the brushes, Bassa, so we other dogs (and pugs) can inspect them?

  2. Interesting concept, ensuring your product gets chewed up by your pets so that you’ll have to buy another. Very clever business model! I’m just glad car companies don’t practice this technique! 🙂

  3. Your streets are super clean!! In my old neighborhood, we had a couple of ladies that used to come out and sweep their sidewalks and the side of the road in front of their homes. Their portions of the sidewalk/road was very clean!

    Our dogs don’t eat the brooms, but the cat does!

  4. hahaha Bassa, it’s possible. The ladies might spray something on the brushes not in Georgia but also in Japan, too! because I love chewing the brush, too!
    I love handmade stuff as I feel it has warm heart in it. 🙂

  5. The only brushes I am allowed near are fur brushin my TEEFS. Not BAD when SHE puts the Chicken Flavored paste stuffs on it.

  6. Great Post!!! Collies love to chew on the handles of the brooms while our cat grabs the broom while sweeping and rides it…. Ginger says it is because Tigger is a witch! LOL….. Keep up the wonderful posts!

    God Bless You!

    Chuck and the Collies 🙂

  7. Bassa, By sharing these stories of ladies who sell brushes, you are opening my eyes to another way of life. I find these stories absolutely charming, and I bet you’re right. The ladies probably put something that makes it enticing to dogs. I’m sure my dog, Henry, would love to chew on one. 😉

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