Top story from the BBC News

Good morning/afternoon/evening/night everyone and thank you for tuning into the BBC News (Bassa’s Blogging Channel).

This is your good news correspondent, Bassa, reporting from Tbilisi in the Republic of Georgia.

It’s been another great day for good news.

Our top story is a wonderful example of Christmas spirit and reminds us that acts of kindness are never forgotten. Read it at Monica’s Tangled Web:

That’s all folks. Remember, good news makes you feel good. Be part of Bassa’s good news!

10 thoughts on “Top story from the BBC News

  1. Oh, Bassa! You did it again! I am truly honored. I’m so glad you liked my post. And I so love your BBC news. There’s something comforting here, which harkens back to a time when things weren’t so crazy, as they are now, and we didn’t have to worry about Kim Kardashian and the lot. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Bassa,, thanks for sharing Monica’s Christmas story with us. My person grew up in Seattle and she says many of her best Christmas memories happened there.

  3. I loved what monica wrote on her post, Bassa. I was so touched by the story.
    In Japan, we don’t have so many religions and most of people don’t belong to any, so we are a bit careless about the other religions. Since I started twitter, I knew that some people don’t celebate Christmas which surprised me first. I thought that Christmas is the day for all people…but now I learned we have to respect other religions each other. Thanks for Monica’s news, Bassa. 🙂

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