He can read my mind (part 2)

I like apples a lot. In fact I love them. De’s father brought us a big bag of them recently and we have all been having an apple a day.

The tall person says that ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. Hmm, they must have the same effect as garlic on vampires.

Anyway, the tall person was at his computer eating slices of a juicy apple. I had eaten mine.

I sat and watched him for a while, hoping that he would share.

I waited and waited until there was one slice left.

Surely he would give me that last slice.

I waited.

He picked it up but instead of giving it to me I watched in disbelief as his hand began to move towards his mouth.

In an instant I pushed my head under his arm and grabbed the slice of apple.

Ha! I thought you could read my mind tall person.

He smiled in such a way that I knew he knew what I was going to do.

You are so tricky tall person.

And you are so predictable I heard him say.

18 thoughts on “He can read my mind (part 2)

  1. Hi Bassa! This is Ginger,
    LOL!!! Fantastic!!!! You are so adorable Bassa and we laughed when we read this. By the way, one of my human’s favorite snacks is Apple slices with peanut butter on them. mmmmmmmm…… Now Bassa, here is a trick that your tall person will not expect. Go to the restroom and grab the toilet paper and run off with the end of it. It is guaranteed to create excitement and fun as it unrolls as you run around the house and they chase you to get you to stop. The only problem is the old guy here just steps on the paper now and it rips stopping the fun… but till they figure that out have fun!!!! Whee!!!

  2. This was very suspenseful, since we really were not sure if the tall man was going to give you the last slice! LOL! Glad he did.We love a happy ending–and we love apples, too! x Berner girls

  3. Hahaha Bassa! Great photo!!! Your tall person must have been wanting the moment of you grabbed the apple!!!
    We have the same saying that ” ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ in Japanese! 🙂

  4. This is so funny.

    And Bassa, we [persons] like to play these mind tricks to see how you [dogs] react.

    Kudos to the tall person for being a trickster! =)

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