Christmas decoration

I know it’s early but I have started decorating the house for Christmas.

This is my Christmas paw print stencil design applied to the Indian room floor in my house.

It may appear haphazard but was actually carefully planned!

It is not too late to book an appointment for me to come to your house and help you decorate.

I specialize in floors but can also apply my unique Christmas paw print stencil design to walls (up to 2 metres) and your furniture.

Book early to avoid disappointment!


33 thoughts on “Christmas decoration

  1. How pretty the paw prints are! Wow, I’d like to book an appointment for both on our floor and wall in the sitting room!!! The cost includes traveling expenses? Woof?

  2. Oh, sweet Bassa, paw prints are our favorite thing to decorate with. You have beautiful paw prints and we would be honored to have yours anywhere in our home. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. I just got back from visiting my person’s parents for Thanksgiving. I made lots of pretty paw designs like yours on their floor in honor of the holiday. My person kept wiping them up, so I guess she didn’t appreciate the artistry.

  4. Bassa, there’s a post about Tbilisi in Freshly Pressed. My person checked it out and said she never would have paid attention to that post if it wasn’t for you. She showed me some cool pictures on the post.

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