A winter wonderland

It was dark when I woke up but somehow I knew that there had been been more snow overnight.

I knew the yard would be covered with a soft blanket of the fluffy white stuff.

It beckoned me, so I beckoned the tall person with several alarm barks and he emerged from the bedroom, still half asleep and let me out into the yard.

Let’s play in the snow tall person! Which, with hindsight was a little presumptious as he was half dressed, was wearing slippers and clearly in a fragile pre-coffee condition.

I left him in the kitchen to perform his sacred coffee ritual and bounded back out to the yard to frolic in the snow. I like the word ‘frolic’. The tall person taught me it. He told me that it means to behave playfully and uninhibitedly.

And that’s what I did – I frolicked joyfully in the fluffy white stuff as dawn began to lighten the sky.

Once his coffee ritual was complete the tall person called me to the toy room balcony to look at the neighborhood and we stood in companionable silence and watched the snow fall on our beautiful winter wonderland.

The tall person smiled. I know what you are thinking tall person.

It’s beginning to feel like Christmas.

25 thoughts on “A winter wonderland

  1. Wow!!! The photo of your neighborhood is breathtaking!!! It’s like a post card that professional takes for Christmas!!! Gorgeous!!!
    I’m glad to see the photos of you “frolicking” in the snow, Bassa! 🙂

  2. What a pretty snow sweet Bassa. That picture of your neighborhood would be perfect for a Christmas card. Keep enjoying frolicking in the snow. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. Bassa your city looks beautiful covered in
    in snow. I’m glad you just got to have fun
    playing in it. Mica & Lexie love the snow, they
    love to run and chase; Mica likes to stick
    her nose it in & throw it up in the air.
    Hopefully we will have snow soon 🙂

  4. The second picture is just from a fairy tale.

    You know, reading about the word “frolic” got me thinking – are you bilingual, Bassa? Do you understand English and Georgian or your talk a soul language and thus you understand all people no matter what language they are talking? 🙂

  5. You had me at “pre-coffee condition” and “sacred coffee ritual”. I might borrow those phrases soon. I too have a morning coffee ritual. 🙂

    I love that second picture, Bassa. The white snow contrasts well against the blue hues of the morning.

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