Where ancestors rest (part 3)

In a recent post about the 11th century church in the tall person’s ancestral village of Stogursey in the County of Somerset, England, I mentioned that there is also a castle.

The castle was built by the De Courcy family in the late 11th century and is surrounded by a water-filled moat.

The castle was largely destroyed in the mid-fifteenth century during the War of the Roses and only parts of the outer walls remain today.

In the early seventeenth century a house was built on the site of the castle gatehouse.

The house, which has a thatched roof, was restored in the 1980s and is now used as holiday accommodation.

What a beautiful place to stay!

10 thoughts on “Where ancestors rest (part 3)

    • The tall person’s brother lives in the village where the castle and old church are. There is also a very old watermill and well and a fabulous Victorian gothic style school. There are still a number of houses in the village that date back to medieval times.

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