Where ancestors rest

There is a cemetery in our neighborhood. It is on a hill near my house. I can see it from my balcony and I sometimes see people walking up the narrow path on the hillside on their way to visit their ancestors .

The tall person said that he wanted to go and see it and De said she would come too so we set off into the neighborhood, passing little people on their way to school and tall people going to work and ladies who sweep and keep our streets clean.

When we arrived at the cemetery De told us that on the first Monday after Easter it is traditional for people to visit their family graves and take wine and food and sit at tables and benches and eat and drink and remember the departed.

You can see from the pictures that the graves are enclosed. De told us that in Samegrelo Region in Western Georgia graves look like little houses.

The cemetery we visited is very old and many of the graves are of people who died a long time ago. It is a peaceful place.

6 thoughts on “Where ancestors rest

  1. Jen says that here they also have a day to come and visit the ancestors. It’s in May and it’s called Remembrance Day. People come and clean up the cemetery and have lunch and visit.

  2. Interesting! We have a period which is called ” Bon Festival” from August 13 to 15 every year, that is memorial services for ancestors. Although we don’t eat in cemetery, we also come and clean up around our ancestors graves, then offer fruit, vegetables, etc in front of garvestones.

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