I navigate by gas!

I always see a lot of pipes when I am out walking in the neighborhood. Pipes are everywhere.

The tall person explained that the pipes carry gas that supplies homes with fuel for cooking and for heating water for baths and showers. He said that because we live on a mountain of rock the pipes cannot be buried so they are above ground.

I know this network of pipes so well now that they are like a map. I don’t need satellite navigation – I navigate by gas!

When I see this pink painted pipe I know that I am nearly home.

The tall person told me that Georgia gets much of its gas from one of its adjacent neighbors, Azerbaijan. Wow, so my gas has come all the way from the Caspian Sea and through the maze of pipes in my neighborhood to my house.

But the gas pipes have to overcome many obstacles before they reach my house. You can see from these pictures that they cross roads and even pass between tree branches. Clever pipes!

17 thoughts on “I navigate by gas!

  1. I love reading your posts bassa! In a way you are showing me a part of the world I probably would never have gotten to see. The way you see things is unique. Thanks for sharing you gorgeous dog!!

  2. Fascinating. Here in Canada, all pipes are buried, and if the ground is frozen, they’ll usually wait for it to thaw instead of laying temporary ones above ground. I see the mentality of city workers in your area is “by any means necessary!” 🙂

  3. OMG, Bassa! My concern is similar to Bongo’s. Those pipes are imaginative, but they do look dangerous. Keep a close eye on them during your walks. Since our pipes are invisible, I keep a close eye on the ground during my walks. Sometimes, I am lucky and can eat goose droppings when Mom isn’t looking. Yay!

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