The tool persons market

The title of this post does not contain a spelling mistake and is not meant to say ‘The tall persons market’. I shall explain.

 A pipe connecting the bath to the water supply had been dripping for some time, creating a puddle in front of the bath. This was very convenient for me as I often stopped by if I was feeling thirsty – no need to make the long trek to my water bowl in the hall.

However, the tall person decided that having a puddle on the bathroom floor was not a good idea, especially when he stepped in it and got his slippers wet. De had also noticed wet paw prints around the house and was not amused. So, the tall person investigated and located the leaky connection. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the right tool to fix it so he announced that he would go to the tool market to buy one.

The tall person likes the tool persons market. He says that you can get anything there – construction and plumbing supplies, compressors, generators, welders, screws, nails, wood and tools, tools, tools.

The tool market is huge and like many of Tbilisi’s markets is a labyrinth of narrow alleys packed with stalls. The tall person says that it is a DIY paradise!

He likes the second hand tools very much. He says that if they have lasted for 30 or 40 years or more then they must be good!

The tool market is a very colorful place with lots of colorful characters. In this picture several of the market’s colorful characters are playing backgammon whilst they wait for customers.

Backgammon is very popular with Georgian men, especially market people and taxi drivers waiting in taxi ranks for customers and older men who like to sit in the shade in summer and pass the hours playing backgammon with other older men.

You will know by now that wherever there is a market there are also ladies who sell things.

The tall person saw a lady who has a multi-storey mobile shop that was packed with things to tempt the market people.

He also saw a lady that appeared to have a whole department store on wheels! There was also a lady who sells Turkish coffee but I think her customer is a little young to be needing stimulants!

Anyway, the tall person found the tool he wanted and came home and fixed the leaking pipe, which removed my alternative water source and I now have to walk all the way to my water bowl in the hall for a drink! 

28 thoughts on “The tool persons market

  1. Like the tall person, I like tools (even though I’m a girl)! I found this post really amusing. 🙂

    Happy weekend, Bassa. And my regards to your persons 🙂

  2. I’m sorry that now you have to walk to the hall for a drink, Bassa. I think that DIY is a pretty genius idea and it’s getting a bit popular in our country, too but still less than in the other countries.
    Hmmmm, Georgian ladies always work very hard, I’m impressed!!! 🙂

  3. I like the “30 or 40 years lasted”- improvement! And some old tools really have got a shiny patina, a soft grip, a special beauty, very near to personality, over the long years of handling with.

  4. How interesting! The market people must get very cold waiting for customers. Bassa, did you get to visit the tool market with the tall person? I imagine there are lots of new smells there!

    • It must be very cold for them 😦 Several had braziers to warm their hands 🙂 I don’t go to the tool person market because it has narrow alleys and there are street dogs 😦

  5. Your tall person is right about old tools!!! They are the best. We use 60-70 year old tractors, a 60 year old two bottom plow, I work on the cars, tractors and house with tools that are all over 50 years old! They were built to last back then. 🙂 It is interesting how everything similar has its own street! I like that idea…. very convenient!

  6. My other person loves tools. Some of his favorite tools come from farm auctions and are older than he is. He would love that market.

  7. Your market reminds me of something in the states called a “flea market” these are normally held only on the weekends, but they are chock full of new and slightly used items.

    They are fun places to visit. I’m with De on this one, no wet paw prints on the floor!

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