The little house that hums stopped humming!

You may remember that there is a little house in my street that hums. The tall person told me that it provides electricity for the neighborhood. I think it hums because it gives people light and heat and hot water and TV and internet and all the things that make people happy.

Late yesterday afternoon the little house that hums stopped humming and we had no light, no heat, no hot water, no TV, no internet. Something had happened to the little house that hums!

As it got darker, the tall person and De and the little person and me huddled together for warmth. I didn’t really need to huddle because I have a thick fur coat but I didn’t want to be left out of the huddle.

The little person had to do his homework by candlelight, which he thought was great fun. De said it reminded her of her student days (nights).

Once the little person had finished his homework we all went to bed. It was 9.30 p.m.!

In the morning, the tall person and De and the little person all got dressed by torchlight, which was very funny!

I went with the tall person to the baker shop to get bread and we passed the little house that hums. Its doors were open and workers were inside. They had been working all night to try and make the little house hum again.

When we returned with bread we noticed that the little house that hums was humming again. It was happy! So were we! We now have light and heat and hot water and TV and internet but I suspect that the little person will miss doing his homework by candlelight this evening. 


22 thoughts on “The little house that hums stopped humming!

  1. Bassa, I glad to hear (read) that the house is humming again. We had frequent losses of power in my hometown too especially during typhoon season; like little person, my siblings and I did homework in the living room so we could share the candle’s or security lamp’s light.

    And Rumpy’s right, I hope the tall person was doing just okay without coffee.

    • Tall person was not okay without coffee but he tried to be brave. I bet you can guess the first thing he did when the electricity returned? Yes, he had a cup of strong black coffee! 🙂

  2. I love it when the power goes out. I wouldn’t like to live without it for a long time, but it’s a nice change to follow the rhythm of the sun every once in a while and to spend an evening just talking without the distraction of electronics.

    • It was nice Shary. It was lovely to cuddle up for warmth and go to sleep early but I wouldn’t want to be without electricity for much time. The tall person said it was like the Stone Age yesterday! 🙂

  3. We do understand how inconvenient not to have lights because we had been suffering from less electricity after the earthquake and Tunami hit Japan this year. Around where we live, we had scheduled blackouts held by “Tokyo Power company” to save electricity, which was each divided areas have short time blackouts like for 3hours a day, and if you were scheduled it at night time, the area was completely black! Even the traffic lights weren’t on, so people had to drive cars very carefully. Mom took a bath under candle lights that was her first experience in her life. *giggles*
    This post reminds us the time we had blackout. 🙂

    • De says that candle lit baths are wonderful. She suggests that your mom lights scented candles, which are very relaxing.

      We heard about your terrible earthquake and the damage done to one of your nuclear power stations but we didn’t know that you had blackouts. I hope they fix things soon.

  4. Bassa, I missed you yesterday. Now I know why. Our power went out awhile ago, but it was a pole near our house that hums – not a whole house. I think a squirrel might have attacked our pole. Those people are heroes that stay up all night to make the house hum again.

  5. It sure is a pin without electricity! Glad your electricity is on. I thought of your tall person today at work…. They had something come into produce I think he would like. It was pieces of coffee beans inside of dark chocolate and it was very good! I do not know if you can get this where you live but if so, give it a try! Glad the little house hat hums is humming again…. hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! 🙂

  6. oh, my! Does it mean the tall person had to start his morning without his coffee?

    It must have been very cold that night!

    We sometimes have it here to. My first and only fear when it happens that Usyaka can get cold.

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