A witch convention?

Yesterday I thought I had stumbled across a witches’ convention. I saw these propped up against a wall and immediately recalled seeing a black cat moments before. In fact I had followed it around the corner where I discovered these witches’ flying machines. Hmm, black cat and broomsticks. Conclusive proof of witch whereabouts.

I immediately alerted the tall person who told me that the “broomsticks” were in fact traditional handmade brushes and nothing to do with witches’.

Ah, you are right tall person. I remember now – we have one at home. 

I especially like the small brush on the left hand side. It is probably used for demonstration purposes, a sort of ‘try before you buy’.

Now, where is that black cat? I am sure I heard sniggering somewhere!

23 thoughts on “A witch convention?

  1. Hmmm…those broomsticks are different the ones we have in our country. The shaft of our broomstick is much longer but the brush is much shorter.
    And the broomsticks on the pic above look like white asparagus to me because of the colour!!! Woof!

  2. Interesting! One of the favorite brooms I have here at the Meadow is a homemade broom but it has a longer handle. I like it best and these are very nice. Do they attach handles to them or use them as they are? As for black cats…… we have them too and Ginger tells me there are lots of them in Georgia the state….. Great blog as always. Now I was looking at the price’s… what is the money used in Georgia? Please forgive my lack of knowledge in this area. I know about Euros, Yens, Dollars, Rubles, ect…. but never have learned what the name of the currency in Georgia is. Again, great blog!!!! 🙂

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