A surprise party!

My great blogging friend Chuck and his Collies from Collies of the Meadow blog took me completely by surprise yesterday. I dropped by their blog to catch up on their latest news and was ambushed, in the nicest possible way! Chuck and his Collies had arranged a surprise blog award ceremony and Bassa’s Blog was one of the recipients.

I didn’t even have time to prepare a speech or even brush my hair!

Chuck and his Collies had decided to acknowledge the work of other bloggers by selecting their Best on the Net and awarding a Collie’s Choice Award.

I have now had time to recover my composure and prepare a brief acceptance speech.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you Chuck and the Collies!!”

I am especially delighted to receive this award from Collies of the Meadow because their heartfelt stories and their love and affection make their blog shine in a very rare and unique way. If you have not visited it before you are missing out on a rare treat!

I have included a link to the awards post and highly recommend that you visit the blogs of the other recipients of the Collie’s Choice Awards. They are great blogs and I can fully understand why they were chosen by the Collies.


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