Moments in time

My great blogging friend Just Ramblin’ Pier is a very talented photographer and her posts are always enriched with beautiful photos that perfectly capture moments in time that stay with you long after you have read her blog.

I visit her blog every day and this morning I read her latest post called ‘How do you share your moments?’ It talks about how moments are photographed by many creative and talented bloggers and woven into stories that are then shared with the world.

To acknowledge this photographic creativity Just Ramblin’ has designed the Creative Capture Blogging Award, an award for bloggers that “put their creative eye behind the lens and capture moments that are shared with the world.”

In her post, Just Ramblin’ lists the first recipients of this award and I was thrilled to see Bassasblog in the list.

Thank you very much Just Ramblin’. The tall person is my camera person and I know it can be quite challenging for him to take photos with one hand whilst holding on to my leash with the other. Tall person says “Thank you!”

I have included a link to Just Ramblin’ Pier’s post and I would highly recommend you drop by the blogs of the other recipients of the award and of course look at the amazing photography on Just Ramblin’ Pier’s blog.

They are all well worth a visit!

22 thoughts on “Moments in time

  1. You deserve it for sure Bassa! Your posts about life in your corner of the world are always interesting and informative. They have certainly made me realize that some of the things I’ve assumed about other parts of the world are simply not true.

  2. Congratulations on the Creative Caputur Award, Bassa! Great! I always enjoy seeing those photos your tall person take whilst you are walking together!!!
    They give me lots of imaginations about your country “Georgia” and your city, “Tbilisi”. as if I was travelling there!!! :)))

  3. Congratulations Bassa! I very much enjoy learning about your part of the world from your photos and stories. When I started reading Just Ramblin’ Pier’s post yesterday I was hoping you’d be one to get the award and was happy to see that you were.

  4. I love both Bassa. You show me a
    Whole different way of life and things
    I have never seen. Justramblin shows
    Me pics of things I don’t stop to notice
    And reminds me of my newfs as
    Puppies. Congratulations 🙂

  5. You are much too kind and sweet. What wonderful words you write. You definitely deserve this award. I have always enjoyed your blog. You take me on great adventures with your photos and words.Thank you Bassa. : )

  6. Congratulations on the award, if JustRamblin’ presented it, you can be certain you are worthy of it!

    I love the photoes you post, it shows me a different side of life at least much different than my corner of the world. 🙂

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