Time travelling paperboy (or papergirl) urgently wanted!

We passed a little newspaper shop on our walk this morning and the tall person told me that it is a tradition in many homes in England to buy a Sunday newspaper. This is read at breakfast or after lunch or sometimes both because some newspapers have a large number of supplementary sections and can take a long time to read.

The tall person said that in the U.K. and in some other countries boys and girls called paperboys (and papergirls) deliver newspapers on their bicycles to people’s homes in their neighborhoods. The boys and girls get up very early because people like to read their newspapers at breakfast time.

This newspaper shop did not have any British Sunday newspapers. In fact it did not have any Sunday newspapers as newspapers are not published on a Sunday in Georgia.

I know that the tall person misses the British Sunday newspapers so I suggested that we ask a British paperboy or papergirl to cycle to our house and deliver a Sunday newspaper. The tall person did a quick calculation and said that it would probably take between 25 and 30 days to cycle here so the newspaper would be almost one month old by the time it reached us. He said that reading a newspaper that old would be like travelling back in time. Hmm, what we need then tall person is a time travelling paperboy or papergirl that can cycle back from the future.

14 thoughts on “Time travelling paperboy (or papergirl) urgently wanted!

  1. Ha! interesting read. Here, newspapers are delivered by cars and trucks. Yes, speeding up and down neighborhood streets flinging newspapers from their car window. Sometimes you have to look for the paper, it could be anywhere, in a bush, in the sprinklers, usually anywhere but the porch. lol

    • Tall person loves Star Trek but only the original series with William Shatner. A transporter would be great! The little person says he would like a phaser!!! Sounds dangerous to me!

  2. In Japan, most of the newspapers are delivered to peoples homes by not paperboys/papergirls but by middle aged men riding on motos in a very early morning at around 4:30am. They say that they get up at around 2:30am preparing for the newspapers. Wow we have to thank them to be able to read it with breakfast!!! Woo woo! 🙂

  3. We have to watch out for the cars delivering newspapers on our early morning walks. I think the drivers are still sleeping as they toss papers out the windows of the car. They weave from one side of the road to the other and if we don’t stay out of their way, they might run over us.

    • Be very careful Lola. Cars are dangerous. And don’t chase the papers when they are thrown from the car. I know it may look like the drivers are throwing something for you to catch but they’re not. Be careful out there. It can be tough on the streets!

  4. Reading the Sunday Newspaper was always a highlight of the week here in the USA also. Newspapers are slowly disappearing here. Like most people here I get my news online now… but I miss reading the sports section over tea and the comics or funny papers with breakfast. By the way, one of my favorites was Andy Capp… I bet the tall person remembers that great cartoon. 🙂 Great blog as always. 🙂

    • It is a great pity that newspapers are on the decline. The tall person says that some are still thriving in the U.K. and there is still a tradition of buying a newspaper and reading it on the train on the commute to and from work. Yes, tall person does remember Andy Capp – he says it is a classic! 🙂

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