Would you like to know the future?

There aren’t any traffic lights in my immediate neighborhood, probably because there are not many junctions and not much traffic. If I want to see a traffic light I have to walk down to Car Street. We go that way if we need to go to the shopping mall or the pet shop or the shops on Marjanishvili Street.

The reason I like traffic lights is that they know what will happen in the future and how long there is to wait until it happens. They know when cars and trucks and buses will stop and start again and they very helpfully share this information. It is not a prediction that could be right or wrong – it is a certainty.

The tall person told me that people do their best to control the future and make it less unpredictable. He suggested that without this desire to control there would be chaos.

Hmm, yes tall person. Without traffic lights no one would know when to stop or go and people might get hurt in accidents.

So wouldn’t it be better to know everything that will happen in the future?

The tall person shook his head and told me that we would still worry and still fear and still despair, perhaps more than we do now because we would know what would happen and when it would happen. But more importantly, we would lose some of the greatest emotions in life because there would be no joy of expectation or the thrill of surprise, no need for hope and no dreams.

Hmm, thank you tall person but I was only asking about traffic lights.

16 thoughts on “Would you like to know the future?

  1. Well Bassa, there is some of them people call physicists that say that the future is already happening. They think that all moments in time occur at the same time, so the future has already happened. But we STILL don’t know what it holds.

    I just hope it includes cookies.

  2. I totally agree with your tall person, Bassa. When my mom was young, she often went to see fortunetellers to know her future, but they were all NOT true…Nothing happens what they told to her, I don’t know which was good or bad for her though…Since then she stops knowing her future in any ways like “fortune slip” or “palm reading” ” crystal gazing” etc…Now she enjoys many surprising and unexpected thing happening to her very much.
    P.S Our cat- Shiro, he came to our place unexpectedly one day!!!

      • It’s gonna be a long story, Bassa!

        Shiro suddenly showed up at our small garden in Oct in 2009 and since then mom and granny had been feeding him as he seemed to be a feral cat.
        It was very hard to tame him and they were never able to touched him as he was so careful to not be touched. We were not sure if Shiro was male or female but decided to catch him to take to vet for neuter operation if we continue feeding.

        We set up a cage to catch him hanging cat’s treats in it ,but he never got in, so we couldn’t succeed in getting him. 3months had passed, one day, we realized that he hadn’t appeared for 2days and started worried. Then on the 13th of Jan in 2010, he came back to our garden with injured face hit by a car or something because one of his eyeballs was almost falling from the original place, and his jaw was dislocated. His face was completely different from the one he had. But still, he came to our place maybe to ask for help or for food.

        We wanted to take him to vet immediately but he was so fast to run away, he got injoured though. We desperately called “the animal rescue center” in our city for help, then 2staff came with a enormous net. Finally Shiro was caught by them and we went to vet together. At first, the vet asked us if we put him down!!! We said “No! He is our cat, so please save him!!!” So he got operations twice and hospitalized for 20days, then joined our family. He lost most of his teeths and some part of his lips, so one of my neighbours said that he looked like a monster, but to us, he is a cute kitty.

        That is a story about our Shiro cat! Thanks for reading it, Bassa! 🙂
        Do you think that if we should have known his futur? to save him from the accident? We still can’t get the answer.

      • Kevin, that is a wonderful story. Your kindness has made me very happy. Shiro came to you for help when he was injured in an accident and you saved his life. That is a very noble thing to do. Who knows what would have happened if you had captured him before the accident. Do not worry about it. The important thing is that you helped him and cared for him when he needed help. That is all we can do. None of us can predict the future so must live the best we can in this moment.

  3. Apparently the traffic lights where we live are not as accurate in their predictions. There is at least one accident a week at an intersection near us because our foolish lights are wrong.

  4. Great thoughts Bassa. I just look at it this way. In life it is pretty predictable. We are born, we find love, happiness and laughter, sadness, tears and pain and we die in the end. What we do with all those situations is up to us. We can make the most of it, finding the positive in the bad times, remembering the good times do not last forever and being prepared for the bad times when they come. SO, we sort of know the future, but we just do not know when anything will happen. I fear if we knew the future we would spend our time trying to avoid all the bad times and thus in doing so miss or do away with the good joyful times because we focused on the upcoming bad times and trying to change it. Those are my thoughts…… Great blog for it made me do a lot of thinking on this… 🙂 Keep up the great Blogging! By the way, Ginger says when she was a puppy they had snow in the state of Georgia and it was very unusual for it to happen there!

    • You are absolutely right, we don’t know when anything will happen. That is what makes like interesting and challenging. I really appreciate your comments and I’m very pleased that you liked the blog.

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