Bassa saves the euro

I don’t mean that I actually save Euro coins or banknotes. On the contrary, I am more likely to play with coins and eat banknotes. But I digress. What I do mean is that I have identified a way to solve the debt crisis in the Eurozone.

You are probably wondering why I have been thinking about the debt crisis and not about bones or cake or socks. Well, the tall person likes to watch the news channel on TV and most of the news today has been about the Eurozone Crisis. The tall person said he is concerned about the ordinary people who are suffering because of the crisis, so we had a chat about what could be done and then I went to the toy room balcony to think about it.

You may be thinking why is Bassa keen to save Europe? Well, at sometime in the future the Republic of Georgia hopes to join the European Union and I want to make sure that it is a happy and prosperous place to be.

So how would I solve Europe’s debt crisis? Well, it seems to me that the money people are still being greedy and the politicians are still being silly. So, my solution is – STOP BEING GREEDY and STOP BEING SILLY!

Unless this happens, people will continue to lose their jobs and families will lose their homes and no one will be able to afford to buy food or anything and cats and dogs will go hungry and nothing will be made and nothing will be sold and everyone will be unhappy and shareholders will fire the bankers and politicians will not be re-elected.

So, my message is STOP BEING GREEDY and STOP BEING SILLY and WORK TOGETHER for the benefit of all and not just yourself.

P.S. I wonder if any bankers or politcians read Bassa’s Blog? Hmm, I suspect I may be ‘unfollowed’ if they do.

20 thoughts on “Bassa saves the euro

  1. Bassa, that is wonderful advice that we can use in the US as well. I wonder if there’s a way we could get in touch with all dogs and cats that live with the politicians and ask them to share this message to humans?

  2. It seems so simple when you put it like that Bassa. I am always saying people should apply the KISS theory to situations – Keep It Simple Supid!! In other news, today’s photos of you are just gorgeous + make me want to give you a cuddle even more than usual!

  3. Bassa, you are always so wise. My person says she agrees with you totally. I don’t know much about it, but I think if those money people and politicians spent more time loving on dogs and other people things would be much better for everyone.

  4. I think you should be the official dog advisor to the European Union, or perhaps to all governments. You are smart and thoughtful and you always think of others. We could use more of that in our political leaders. Yay for Bassa!

  5. Yes Bassa, the TV news about euro crisis are broadcasted very ofthen here, too and we feel very sorry for the people who involved seriously in it. In our country, funnily, we don’t have so much gap among people, but in other countries, there are so big difference between rich people and people who are not able to have jobs. It causes lots of sad problems like riots…
    Therefor “work together for the benefit of all and not just yourself” is very effective message!!! Hopefully lots of European politicians will read this Bassa’s blog!!! *keeping my paws crossed*

    • Yes Sage. It is not right that hard working people lose their jobs and homes because bankers make big mistakes and are then bailed out by governments with tax payer’s money and then make more mistakes. It is sheer greed!

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