Are you tired?

Just past the railway bridge on Car Street there is a very interesting car shop. I passed it this afternoon on my way to the pet shop to get more food for me and Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot.

If you need a ‘new’ tire or your tire is flat or feeling a little deflated then this is the place to go.

The tire man will fix your tire at the roadside just outside his shop and he has an extra long air hose for topping up the air in your tires.

At the time I passed this shop the tire man was changing a tire for the man in the picture. The tall person noticed that the man’s jacket looks just like the tires piled next to him. Hmm, I suggest you move away man before someone fits you to a wheel and drives off!

15 thoughts on “Are you tired?

  1. Bassa, you are sooo funny!!! I couldn’t stop laughing for a while!!!! The man’s jacket and those tires are very identical! ROFL!!!

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