Do check first if you have a BMW

Shops selling similar things or similar services are often grouped together in the same street in Tbilisi. You may recall that my neighborhood has a Cake Street where you can find all of the cake you could possibly eat – though I could probably eat more! 

Anyway, there is a street in my neighborhood that has shops that look after cars. There are lots of them, sitting side by side. I call it Car Street. It is where cars go if they are not well or have had an accident and need to be fixed. They can also go for a wash in Car Street and have a good drink at the petrol station.

This is a picture of the car wash shop. The little person said that he would like to take all of his toy cars there but De pointed out that he has hundreds of them and it would probably cost a lot of money. She suggested he create his own car wash in the bath and he was happy with that but the bathroom floor does get a little wet on car wash days.

Like most car owners, Georgians are very proud of their vehicles. I often see men washing their cars with hose pipes in the streets. This is good for the cars but the tall person said it is not so good for the road surfaces because they get eroded by the running water.

My favorite car shop is not in Car Street but is in the street that leads to it.

I think the mechanic who works there specializes in fixing Audi cars because he has proudly displayed an Audi badge on his wooden door.

However, I did notice a BMW outside so maybe he repairs those too but has not yet had time to display a BMW badge.

So if you have an Audi (or BMW) that needs repairing come to this little car workshop in the street near Car Street, near my street in Tbilisi. But do check first if you have a BMW because I’m not 100% sure he repairs those.

23 thoughts on “Do check first if you have a BMW

  1. I find it interesting that all the similar shops all congregate on one street or area. How interesting….. now the collies want to know do you have one that can fix a Buick? Smoke and Ginger want to move to Georgia….. so they think that perhaps this would increase their chances… LOL Great Post!

  2. We would have fun exploring more of Georgia with you, Bassa, to find the correct car repair place. That was a fun thought to bring all the little person’s toy cars to the car wash. Maybe they would give him a discount for having so many vehicles? x Berner girls

  3. When I was a very small puppy I thought cars were alive, like animals with no fur. That was in my first blog I think. My dad brought me home in the old car and I tried talking to it, lol. He’s just had a brand new one and he refuses to let us dogs ride in it!!!!!

  4. Bassa,

    I’m seeing more and more similarities between Tblisi, Taipei and Cebu – i.e. streets where similar things are sold. It’s a wonderful thing to realize and I owe my view of Tblisi to you. 🙂

    Your tall person is right about road erosion. Also, washing one’s car constantly is not a good practice in terms of water conservation.

    • Thank you!!! I look for things near to the ground and the tall person looks for things higher up – between us we have a good view of our surroundings when we are out walking 🙂

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