The “modi modi” man

Like all cities, Tbilisi can be a difficult place to park a car but help is at hand. Almost every conceivable place that can accommodate a car is watched over by a man who will help you park, watch over your vehicle while you are gone and help you reverse out when you return.

The tall person calls these parking attendants “modi modi” men. “Modi” is the Georgian word for “come” and the parking attendants shout it to let the driver know it is safe to reverse out of the parking place into the street.

The “modi modi” men are all self employed and charge a fee of 20-50 tetri which they collect when you return to your car.

If it is a long street there may be several “modi modi” men, each with their own section.

Each “modi modi” man carries a stick that he waves vigorously when directing drivers in and out of a parking space. The tall person likes the “modi modi” sticks and has asked De to get him one for Christmas. He said he will use it to direct the little person to bed each night.

12 thoughts on “The “modi modi” man

  1. The system of “modi modi” men is very efficient for “supply and demand”, isn’t it? Although they are all self employed, they can earn money from it, and people who wants a quick parking will be grateful for them. I’m just wondering how they divide the section for each? Woof! 🙂

  2. I want one of those sticks also… can direct the collies when I need too… of course it will not be popular and they are grumbling already! LOL Great post and it is great these Modi men watch over your car! What a great idea!

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