The lady who sells words and pictures

As part of my series of ‘ladies who sell things’ I would like to introduce you to the lady who sells words and pictures. Her shop is on the sidewalk near my pet shop in Marjanishvili Street.

Her glasses are very thick, which makes me think that she reads too much.

The tall person said that he hopes she does not put that newspaper back in the rack after she has finished the crossword puzzle or someone will be very disappointed to find it completed. Or perhaps she won’t complete it and someone will be happy that they have been given a headstart. 

Hmm, perhaps she should re-name her shop to make it clear that she has read everything and sells second hand words and pictures!

10 thoughts on “The lady who sells words and pictures

  1. On this photo, she already looks so busy doing her crossward puzzle, doesn’t she? It is a good way to keep her brain freshly!!!Woo woo.
    P.S. Your pet shop near her shop is the one that the owner is a lazy dog, who has a cat assistant? Woof?

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