My three-dimensional space

My home is on the side of a mountain that overlooks the city of Tbilisi. Because of this, my neighborhood is both vertical and horizontal. Parallel streets on different levels are connected by little steep streets and also by steps that are often very narrow.

If we want to go on a vertical walk through our neighborhood we sometimes use the steps to go up or down. The steps are a useful shortcut but we have to be very careful.

We always stop at the top or bottom and look to see if anyone is walking up or down. We do this because the steps are narrow and some people get nervous when they see me and we don’t want to frighten anyone.

On our walk this morning, we were at the top of some steps, about to go down, and saw a man half way up. The tall person stopped me going down and waved to the man to come up but the man turned round and quickly walked all the way down. The tall person said that I probably look huge to someone looking up. Hmm, I think it is because of the tall person. He probably looks like a scary giant! 

We also stop before we exit the top or bottom of the steps and check to see if anyone is passing, which is sometimes difficult because we can’t see round corners.

I’ve suggested to the tall person that he whistles loudly as we approach the exit but he said that he is thinking of fitting a car horn on my collar.

Hmm, I think that might be more scary than suddenly coming face to face with me!

9 thoughts on “My three-dimensional space

  1. Hehehe Bassa, fitting a car horn on your collor sounds a good idea! * giggles*
    We have similar narrow short street around our neighborhood that only one person can pass by. Whenever mom walks the street with me, she is saying out loud ” I’m passing I’m passing” which sounds very silly…* giggles again*
    But like your tall person, she worries if suddenly somebody sees me, it surprises the person, so that’s why she does a weird action. Woo woo! *:)

  2. I would love to walk down a passage like that. Every time I see a path or turn off, I want to explore. You are a lucky dog!

  3. Your neighborhood is so interesting. Much different than mine, but it kind of reminds my of my trails. Sometimes we come around a bend and someone is right there in front of us. -Bongo

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