Follow that goat!

We decided to visit the forest for our afternoon walk but wanted to explore a different way of getting there. I like exploring because we always discover something interesting and two minutes into our walk, in the street behind our house, we found something very interesting. You may not be able to see them very well in this picture because we had to keep our distance but we came across a shepherd and his dog guiding a small herd of goats towards the forest. 

We followed them for a while but then discovered a small street that we hadn’t seen before so we turned into it and half way along it found this amazing vehicle.

The tall person thinks it may have been used as an ambulance at some time. It looked very old. We both thought that it was sad that something that may have helped to save hundreds or thousands of lives was now neglected and forgotten. Can you imagine the stories it could tell? Poor hero ambulance. We both agreed that we would visit it every so often so it would not be forgotten.


By the way, the forest was beautiful. We both went for a run along this forest road and I won!

15 thoughts on “Follow that goat!

  1. How fun to see goats on your morning walk! We sometimes see them on the roadside here. The shepherd brings them in a trailer and puts out temporary fences for them. They eat all of the grass and then they are loaded up and driven to a different roadside field to do their work. So much better than a gas-powered mower!

  2. Wow you live in a pretty amazing place! There are lots of interesting things to see.

    I found it sad that there are so many homeless animals in your area. Are there any organizations that help them?

  3. You sure had an interesting walk in the forest sweet Bassa. Mumsy would loved seeing the goats she really likes goats. We are glad you will visit the ambulance from time to time so it will not be forgotten. We bet the trees in the forest could tell lots of stories too if they could speak. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Every neighborhood is interesting because it is alive. I am lucky, not just because of where I live bu the tall person has shown me how to look at things in a different way 🙂

  4. How kind you and your tall person are! that you decided to visit the old car every so often for him not to be forgotten. I’m sure the car is very touched! Woof! 🙂

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