A pavlovian response

A refuse truck comes to our neighborhood three times a week to collect household trash. A man walks in front of the truck ringing a hand bell to announce its arrival. People hear the bell and take their bags of trash to the street where they are collected and put into the refuse truck. The tall person said that the sound of the bell has created a Pavlovian conditioning in people as everyone thinks about trash whenever they hear a bell ringing. We can sometimes hear the big bells of Sameba Church ringing from the centre of Tbilisi and I wonder if everyone in our neighborhood rushes to the street with their trash. 

In between the times that the refuse truck tours the neighborhood everyone takes their trash to communal bins. My street doesn’t have any but there are several in nearby streets and we sometimes stop to drop off our bags of trash before we begin our walks.

The communal bins are an important source of food for the many stray cats and dogs that live in our neighborhood. People know this and often hang bags of stale bread on the side of the bins for the dogs to eat.

I often see a black and white stray cat near the bins in this picture. He has a friend but his friend usually runs away when he sees me. I don’t chase them or scare them. I know they have a hard life and I wouldn’t want to make it any harder.

8 thoughts on “A pavlovian response

  1. You’re so kind to the kitties, Bassa. I just can’t do it. When I see one, I bark in spite of myself.
    My person says to tell you that she loves reading about the details of day to day life in your town.

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