I found one!

Look what I saw! A dog on a leash – in my neighborhood! This is such a rare occurrence I just had to mention it.

There a four types of dog in my neighborhood – yard dogs that never go out, homeless dogs, dogs that have a home but are allowed to roam the streets, and dogs that walk with a leash (me and the dog in the picture).

Me and the little dog in the picture are seriously outnumbered!

I think the man and his dog deserve a medal.

And this lovely dog also deserves a medal!

11 thoughts on “I found one!

  1. Indeed Bassa, you deserve a medal for walking with a leash on for you are a good role model for dogs…and a keen observer too. The 4 types of dogs you mentioned are so apt; we have similar ones here in my country. Unfortunately, those who belong to the majority are the free-roaming dogs who have irresponsible owners. Also they’re the dogs who’re prone to be run over by vehicles… I just hope that in the near future, the number of the leashed dogs would increase not only in your neighborhood but all over the world as well.

  2. We agree sweet Bassa you both should have a medal for walking on a leash. We are so happy you finally found another woofie who keeps his person on a leash when they walk…so much safer that way. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. In Japan, we are not allowed to walk without a leash, as it causes lots of troubles. Once when I was puppy, I was bitten around my belly by a Borzoi who was also walking with his owner without a leash. I was on a leash of course. He was very huge and still was biting me, so my granpa kicked him away but the owner blamed on my grandpa because he kicked the Borzoi!!! Why? My grandpa tried to save me!!! I was bitten!!!How dare the owner could blame on my grandpa??? I ended up being taken to vet!!! Grrrrrr!!!

    • I don’t think things will improve here Lola until something is done about the numbers of stray dogs that roam the streets and also the dogs that do have homes but are allowed out on their own 😦

  4. I am sad for the yard dogs it must be so
    Boring to be locked in yard and never getting
    To see anything else. My newfs (Lexie & Mica)
    Get to walk almost every day and then
    There are the fun woods walks which I
    Love too. I get board staying in house too
    Long so I know dogs would 😦 I’m so glad you
    Get walks and we can see. Thank you for the
    View of your city 🙂

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