He’s back!

The tall person has returned from London. He flew in late last night and De and the little person went to the airport to meet him. I stayed at home and waited by the front door. His plane was late so I had to wait a long time but when he did get home and opened the door I was crazy happy! A week without the tall person is a long time.

I immediately noticed that he was wearing new shoes. He told me that they are “power walking” shoes. Hmm, I hope they are as fast as my “power walking” paws!

We both agreed that we would test out our new “power walking” combination in the morning.

I went to sleep very happy.

In the morning, after the school bus had collected the little person, I set off with the tall person on a walk around the neighborhood. It felt good to be exploring again. De had taken me out whilst the tall person was away but she is not a real explorer like the tall person.

It was a beautiful morning and we walked and walked.  

After a while we stopped to review the performance of the tall person’s “power walking” shoes and we both agreed that they are a very good match for my “power walking” paws.

Welcome home tall person. I like your shoes!

14 thoughts on “He’s back!

  1. Woo woo! I’m glad that you and your tall person enjoyed the morning walk with the ‘power walking’ shoses and ‘power walking’ paws! You look very happy on the photo, Bassa! Welcome back the tall person! 🙂

  2. Sweet Bassa you and your tall person are just a good match period. Sounds like those new power shoes did just fine on your exploring walk. We are so happy for you that your tall person is back. Thanks for coming by to see our pictures. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. Bassa, I’m sure the tall person was so happy to be welcomed by you upon his return. I miss my dogs so much when I have to go out of town, and they always make me feel loved and missed when I get home (usually by knocking me over and smothering me with kisses – it sounds bad, but it’s actually a lot of fun). It sounds like there are some good, long walks in your future with the tall person’s new shoes!

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