Even I got a little wet!

I wanted to look my best for the tall person’s return from London so I asked De to give me a bath. De inspected me for a moment and then smiled and rolled up her sleeves.

She ran the water for me and I checked it before getting in. I like a warm bath, not too hot and not too cold.

Lovely Mari helped and together they gave me a thorough wash. There was a lot of splashing and giggling and everyone got soaking wet.

Even I got a little wet!

Anyway, De and Lovely Mari dried me off and made me fluffy again. 

When the tall person did arrive home and opened the door he kept looking around saying “Where’s my Bassa?” I was right in front of him, jumping up and licking his hand. “I’m here, I’m here!” I barked. “Ah”, he said, “I didn’t recognise you. You look so clean and fluffy!”

I was pleased I made the effort.

P.S. I think De and Lovely Mari have dried out now!

He’s back!

The tall person has returned from London. He flew in late last night and De and the little person went to the airport to meet him. I stayed at home and waited by the front door. His plane was late so I had to wait a long time but when he did get home and opened the door I was crazy happy! A week without the tall person is a long time.

I immediately noticed that he was wearing new shoes. He told me that they are “power walking” shoes. Hmm, I hope they are as fast as my “power walking” paws!

We both agreed that we would test out our new “power walking” combination in the morning.

I went to sleep very happy.

In the morning, after the school bus had collected the little person, I set off with the tall person on a walk around the neighborhood. It felt good to be exploring again. De had taken me out whilst the tall person was away but she is not a real explorer like the tall person.

It was a beautiful morning and we walked and walked.  

After a while we stopped to review the performance of the tall person’s “power walking” shoes and we both agreed that they are a very good match for my “power walking” paws.

Welcome home tall person. I like your shoes!