The nut cracker

I love nuts, especially large hard shell nuts such as walnuts. I can easily crack them open with my teeth. In this post you can see examples of my nut cracking technique!


12 thoughts on “The nut cracker

  1. You know I absolutely love this dog. She is SO CUTE and what a wonderful temperment she s… she’s a girl right? LOL 🙂 She seems so mellow and you just want to squish her all the time. Whenever I see her picture I smile … so cute! Just want to eatchew up! LOL …

    Uhhh… eerrrrrr uhm… heh, just wuv doggies!

  2. Bassa, that ‘s very nice of you to do all that work for your people – cracking the nuts for them. My person doesn’t leave nuts out where I can get to them, so I’ve never gotten to try it. Bet it’s fun. -Bongo

  3. I didn’t know that Georgians eat lots of sunflower seeds. My mom loves eating seeds like sunflower and pumpkin,also loves any kind of nuts, too but those are a little expensive here. Wow, you crack walnuts, Bassa! Great! Can you crack macadamia nuts, too??? Woof?

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