Happy Bath Day!

You can see from the pictures in this post from several months ago how much I enjoy bath times. I look very different when I am wet but it doesn’t take me long to get dry and fluffy again!


15 thoughts on “Happy Bath Day!

  1. I hate baths. They make me feel so weird. I love going to the beach, though, and I always have to have a bath after, so I put up with the bathing process. Once it’s over, I do appreciate being clean.

  2. You DO love your baths sweet Bassa and you look adorable with your hoodie towel on. Love the picture! Hugs and nose kisses

  3. Looks funny, Bassa! What did you do before, to have a bath? I must not. Puzzle just gives me a shower outside, with the garden hose, when I am muddy, I like it.

  4. You look very different when you are wet, Bassa! You’re brave lady to get in Bathtub!!! I only take a shower, but I’m always trembling during my shower time because I hate it. I like the way I smell, too but mom doesn’t, so I end up taking a shower once a month…..* tears*

  5. When winter comes you should wear a little hooded coat like that on your walks! I imagine it gets very cold where you live. Of course you have so much fur you probably do not need one. But you look so pretty like that!

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