The return of Eugene

I have called this post “The Return of Eugene” but Eugene hasn’t been anywhere. He is still in the same place that I left him. Some of you may be thinking that Eugene is a toy or the name of another little person that I know but Eugene is actually a World War 2 jeep that lives in my neighborhood. I went to see him today with the tall person.

Eugene can’t go anywhere because his tyres are flat and someone has taken his steering wheel. He just sits there watching other cars go by.

The tall person told me that Eugene has almost certainly led a very adventurous life and it is good that he is now resting on our mountain overlooking the city.

When I saw Eugene today I saw him in a different way. He is not a rusty wreck. He is a monument to adventure!

You can find out more about Eugene and how he got his name in a post I did some while ago.

9 thoughts on “The return of Eugene

  1. There was a rusted Karmann Ghia in our old neighborhood that never moved. Once, a huge tree fell right next to it, but it didn’t scratch that car. Last time I visited my my pals on our former street, the car was gone. My person said she doesn’t miss it, but I do.

  2. That Eugene must have worked very hard until he retired, so it might be nice for him to rest there to look at people passing by. 🙂

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